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On-site customized Gas Standard Preparation for single and multipoint calibration standards has never been easier than with the versatile GasMix™ Gas Standard Preparation System.

The AlyTech GasMix™ can prepare and automatically inject gases in virtually all kinds of analytical instruments. The principle behind GasMix™ is based on mixing, diluting, and injecting two to twelve gas standards and may be used for a wide variety of applications like analyzer calibration and validation, to odorize natural gas, synthetic gas mixture generation, glove box atmosphere control,reactor gas feeding, sample conditioning prior to analysis.

 Ease of use

● Resourceful and transportable

● Reduced operator time

● Calibration curves for each gas used

 Compliant with Internationalstandards method 6145

AlyTech GasMix™ software

The GasMix™ software is fully automated allowing for a single injection to run or a fully automated and pre-programmed sequence. The GasMix™ Software can be remotely controlled; it may drive an external injection valve and/or the Start command of an analyzer. An added benefit of the Gasmix is drastically reduced operator time.

The GasMix™ software has a built in audit trail function that ensures a total traceability of the operations carried out.Regular automatic sequences may be saved and recalled at any time.

  • Environmental – Calibration of analyzers for ambient air surveillance in laboratories and on site

  • Petrochemical – Oil & Gas in laboratories

  • Food & Flavor - Quality control

  • Automotive Industry – Engine benchand emission control

  • Specialty gases

  • Electronics industry

Dimensions L x W x H (cm): 42x22x46 (16.5” x 8.5” x 18”)

Weight: 14 kg – 30 lbs

Connection: Swagelok 1/8”

Accuracy: less than 0.5% of the flow all over the scale

Dilution: from 0.5 to 100% of the initial concentration

USB Communication- Designed for Windows™ XP SP3

Power Supply: 220 VAC / 2A / 50-60 Hz (110V available)

Inlet Pressure: Gas 3 bars –LPG 1 bar

Max Outlet Pressure: atmospheric, higher pressure possible on request (contact us)

* Note Specifications subject to change without notice

Multi channels GasMix
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