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Environment & Energy


and Energy saving

In order to alleviate the energy and environmental pressure of the earth, which is increasingly concerned by mankind, the government and enterprises are making unremitting efforts.   

Through scientific means, we continuously improve the energy efficiency of combustion, and control the emission of production to protect our environment. Government agencies at all levels, such as energy conservation monitoring, environmental monitoring station, boiler and electric power enterprises, get scientific data through the monitoring and monitoring of production process, supervise the implementation of laws, regulations, regulations and standards of energy saving and emission reduction, and improve and regulate the internal technology of the factory, so as to improve energy efficiency and reduce emission pollution.

ONUEE provides high quality monitoring and analysis instruments for the market with our European partners to assist users in accurate measurement. So that users can get rapid on-site monitoring results and improve work efficiency.    

The analyzers are based on high technology semiconductor and optical principle.  These technology meets the latest environmental protection requirements. The instruments' performance is stable and they are easy to be operated, which has been recognized by the users. The analyzers will can measure the gases, such as CO, NO, NO2, N2O, NH3, NOx, O2, O3, CH4, CO2, H2S, CO2, etc.

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