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ONUEE Business

Provide reliable and perfect gas analyzers to improve efficiency


Fixed gas analyzer          
Portable gas analyzer          
Gas monitoring and alarm system          
Gas analysis, monitoring & process control          
Infrared gas sensors and laser gas sensors           
Gas conditioning system          
Multi point gas sampling system          
Organic volatile (VOCs) analyzer          
TOC analysis system in water          
Gas Mixture           
Designing and Developing solutions


Environmental protection,Process, Solid waste, Sewage, Metallurgy, Petrochemical, Energy, Food, Agriculture, Transportation, Construction, Brewing, Aviation, Pharmaceutical and medical and Scientific Research and other industries and institutions.          

Our target          

We are committed to serving users in different fields professionally, enabling users to be satisfied and improve their efficiency.          


The products we sell cover the latest science and technology for environmental gas monitoring, industrial process gas analysis and online control system, and provide customers with customized analysis and testing, system application and automatic control, operation and maintenance and so on. It provides rapid and effective from technical consultation, design, debugging, after-sales service, lease service and so on.

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