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Anaerobic engineering and utilization of clean energy           

Biogas fermentation, also known as anaerobic digestion and anaerobic fermentation, refers to the process of forming a combustible mixture of methane and carbon dioxide (methane), such as methane and carbon dioxide, in a certain amount of water, temperature and anaerobic conditions, through the decomposition and metabolism of various microorganisms.           

In line with the demand of the market, we provide professional solutions for gas analyzing of this kind of clean energy and complete solution, such as complete monitoring system.

The analysis equipment includes portable, on-line environmental monitoring equipment and system for the analysis of CH4, CO2, O2, H2S, H2, CO, NH3, SO2, etc. Among them, the professional designed instruments are applied to biogas production and experimental projects produced by anaerobic fermentation of farming farms, food waste and sewage treatment plants.           

We provide the overall monitoring system and solutions in this field.

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