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Auto Industry

Auto Industry

The automobile industry plays an important role in economic development.           

The automobile industry is a highly technology intensive industry, concentrating on new materials, new equipment, new processes and new technologies in many scientific fields. As a vehicle, a large number of atmospheric pollutants such as carbon, nitrogen, sulfur oxides, hydrocarbons and lead compounds are discharged every day. It is an important source of atmospheric pollution and brings serious harm to human health and the ecological environment.

In developed countries, automobiles determine the demand for oil, and are also the key factors affecting the emissions of greenhouse gases and harmful gases. The realization of environmental protection targets needs to reduce the oil consumption and gas emissions of automobiles. On the other hand, the automobile is the pillar industry and the basic means of transportation. The governments of all countries should keep the development of the automobile to promote the development of the economy and the improvement of the welfare of the people.

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