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ONUEE Electronics Ltd./ONWARDS(HK)

Founded in 2004 in Shenzhen,

Professional in offering a variety of

Gas Measuring and Controlling

Instruments,Systems and Solutions

To the Industries and Laboratories.

深圳市昂为电子有限公司,ONUEE Electronics Ltd./ ONWARDS(HK) is professional in offering a variety of Gas Measuring and Controlling Instruments, Systems and Solutions to the Industries and Laboratories.

We supply a comprehensive range of test and measurement instruments, Gas Sensors and Gas Conditioning System from the worldwide leading manufacturers.

Founded in 2004, and we has provided technical solutions and support to industries that include Landfill biogas, Digester, coal-bed methane power plants, emissions monitoring centers, pharmaceutical, automotive, food and beverage, waste and water treatment, aerospace, chemical, petrochemical, power, and HVAC.

Our trained engineers and customer service staffs are committed to providing you with the best solution for your monitoring needs, regardless of the size, complexity or budget of the project. We continously provide expert instrument instalation, calibration, full service and repair work.

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