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Waste Treatment

Environmental monitoring, greenhouse gas and use of clean energy          

In order to protect the surrounding environment and safety of landfill site, landfill gas and odor should be collected, processed and monitored. Energy saving and emission reduction are the common efforts of all countries in the world today.          

We have introduced gas analysis equipment and solutions for clean new energy, such as complete sets of data and CDM monitoring system.

The analysis equipment is portable. Online and UAV site monitoring is used to analyze CH4, CO2, O2, H2S, H2, CO, NH3, SO2 and so on. The specialized design instruments are applied to the anaerobic fermentation of landfill (or other farms, kitchen waste, sewage treatment plant, etc.) produced by anaerobic fermentation and experimental projects, as well as the centrifugal fan and liquid level meter in this field.           

We provide the overall monitoring system and solutions in this field.

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