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GasMixTM Hurricane, a 12-channel standard gas dispensing system, prepares and automatically supplies gas to virtually any analytical device.
The principle of this mixed gas is based on dynamic mixing, dilution and injection of 5 to 12 gas standards.
International Standards Organization (CEN or ISO)
AlyTech's high-precision gas analyzer, GasMixTM Aiolos, is equipped with and automatically injects gas for almost all analytical instruments. Based on the principle of mixing, diluting and injecting 2-12 standard gases, GasMixTM can be used in a wide range of applications such as analyzer calibration, calibration, addition of natural gas, synthesis gas mixtures, glove box gas composition control, reactor gas Sample gas debugging before supply and analysis

Technical data

Size: L x W x H (cm):
66x45x17 (26" x 18" x 7")
Weight: 25 kg – 56 lbs
Connection: 1/8” swagelok–
Accuracy: ≤ 2%F.S.
Dilution: 0.5-100% of initial concentration
USB Communication - Designed for WindowsTM XP SP3
Power: 230 VAC / 2A / 50-60 Hz (110V available)
Air inlet pressure: gas 3 bars
Maximum outlet pressure: Atmospheric pressure, higher pressure requirements, please contact


●It is easy to use, can customize gas intake and exhaust, and 5-12 road gas distribution
●The concentration is free to set and move easily
● Reduce operating time
●Each gas calibration curve

AlyTech GasMix™ software

The GasMix™ software is fully automated allowing for a single injection to run or a fully automated and pre-programmed sequence. The GasMix™ Software can be remotely controlled; it may drive an external injection valve and/or the Start command of an analyzer. An added benefit of the Gasmix is drastically reduced operator time.

The GasMix™ software has a built in audit trail function that ensures a total traceability of the operations carried out.Regular automatic sequences may be saved and recalled at any time.


●Petrochemical industry - environmental gas for laboratory and on-site
●Automotive industry - engine exhaust and emission control
●Food and processing - quality control
●Special gas - customer-customized secondary standard

Multi channels GasMix
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