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GasMixTM Hurricane, a 12-channel standard gas dispensing system, prepares and automatically supplies gas to virtually any analytical device.
The principle of this mixed gas is based on dynamic mixing, dilution and injection of 5 to 12 gas standards.
International Standards Organization (CEN or ISO)
AlyTech's high-precision gas analyzer, GasMixTM Aiolos, is equipped with and automatically injects gas for almost all analytical instruments. Based on the principle of mixing, diluting and injecting 2-12 standard gases, GasMixTM can be used in a wide range of applications such as analyzer calibration, calibration, addition of natural gas, synthesis gas mixtures, glove box gas composition control, reactor gas Sample gas debugging before supply and analysis

●It is easy to use, can customize gas intake and exhaust, and 5-12 road gas distribution
●The concentration is free to set and move easily
● Reduce operating time
●Each gas calibration curve

AlyTech GasMix™ software

The GasMix™ software is fully automated allowing for a single injection to run or a fully automated and pre-programmed sequence. The GasMix™ Software can be remotely controlled; it may drive an external injection valve and/or the Start command of an analyzer. An added benefit of the Gasmix is drastically reduced operator time.

The GasMix™ software has a built in audit trail function that ensures a total traceability of the operations carried out.Regular automatic sequences may be saved and recalled at any time.


●Petrochemical industry - environmental gas for laboratory and on-site
●Automotive industry - engine exhaust and emission control
●Food and processing - quality control
●Special gas - customer-customized secondary standard

Size: L x W x H (cm):
66x45x17 (26" x 18" x 7")
Weight: 25 kg – 56 lbs
Connection: 1/8” swagelok–
Accuracy: ≤ 2%F.S.
Dilution: 0.5-100% of initial concentration
USB Communication - Designed for WindowsTM XP SP3
Power: 230 VAC / 2A / 50-60 Hz (110V available)
Air inlet pressure: gas 3 bars
Maximum outlet pressure: Atmospheric pressure, higher pressure requirements, please contact

Multi channels GasMix
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