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On-site customized Gas Standard Preparation has never been easier than with Zephyr, the down sized version of GasMix™. The 5’’ touch screen allows the control of two mass flow controllers in order to create gas standards from a concentrated gas and a diluent. These mixtures and dilutions can be programed into sequences which may be used for a wide variety of applications like analyzer calibration, glove box atmosphere control, sample steam dilution and/or internal standard addition.

 Ease to Use

● Resourceful and Transportable

● Reduced Operator Time

● Calibration Curves for each used gas

● Gas feeds and outlet are customizable

AlyTech GasMix™ Software

The dedicated Software ZeSoft is fully automated and allows a single injection run or a reprogrammed sequence.Uncertainty of the final gas concentration is calculated taking into account the used flow and the concentration uncertainty of the parent gas. The software can communicate with any analyzer linked to Zephyr via contact closure.

E.g.: drive an external injection valve / launch an analysis with external Start.

Ten different sequences can be saved and recall at any time.

NEW : Smart Sequence building---User chooses the number of points, starting and ending concentration values, and the software calculates the respective concentration levels.

  • Environmental – Calibration of analyzers for ambient air monitoring

  • Petrochemical – Oil & Gas analysis

  • Automotive Industry – Engine bench / Emission

  • Food & Flavour - Quality control

  • Specialty Gases

Dimensions: L x l x h (cm) : 38 x 16 x 26

Weight: 6,5kg – 14 pounds

Connection: Swagelok 1/8”

Accuracy: less than 2% of the fl ow all over the scale

Dilution: from 0,5 to 100% of the initial concentration

Power supply: 115 - 230V / 4 - 2 A

Inlet Pressure: Gas 3 bars

Max Outlet Pressure: atmospheric, higher pressure possible on request (contact us)

* Note Speci cations subject to change without notice

Two channels GasMix
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