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H2 Analyzer

The CONTHOS 3F Ex state-of-the-art thermal conductivity gas-analyzer is an analytical instrument developed for online industrial use.

Some of the outstanding technical features of LFE's 3rd-generation, microprocessor based gas-analyzer are:

● high-temperature TC-detector (TCD), temperature controlled from 50°C to max. 180°C continuous operating temperature.

● high corrosion-resistance of components in contact with medium

● unusually quick response time: typically ≤ 2s

● response highly independent of the gas flow

● unusually high long-term response stability

● intuitive user-interface based on NAMUR1 –recommendations

● automatic self-diagnosis

● optional dynamic interference correction of up to 3 gases

The technical features of the unique CONTHOS 3 gas analyzer open up new areas of application for the thermal-conductivity principle, as well as help to eliminate weak points in present analysis problems.Choosing the TCD-operating-temperature above that of the dew-point of the sample-gas can, in conjunction with external and internal heated gas lines (field housing only), alleviate the need for a sample-gas cooler.

Model variations

● CONTHOS 3E: 19"-rack housing (protective class IP40)

● CONTHOS 3F: field-housing (protective class IP65)

● CONTHOS 3F-Exp: explosion protected (ATEX) version in conjunction with purge-gas pressure monitor


● 2nd & 3rd switched ranges: independently configurable, suppressed & non-suppressed

● interference correction in conjunction with external, selective gas analyzers for multiple gas constituents

● digital I/O-board for external range switching, threshold contacts, etc.

● RS-485 interface with Modbus RTU protocol

 heated gas lines within analyzer housing (max. 140°C; field housing only)

● TC-detector with flowed reference cell

  •  in the iron and steel industry

  •  in corrosive process gases in the chemical industry

  •  in all of the "classical" applications of the TCD-principle

H2 analyzer
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