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Portable VOCs analyzer SmartFID

SmartFID is a mobile device for continuous measurement of volatile organic compounds(VOC). It works with a flame ionization detector (FID) and converts hydrocarbon concentrations in a measuring gas sample into an electrical signal. This happens with a hydrogen diffusion flame and VOC-free air in a burner in an electrical field. The hydrocarbons in the sample gas are cracked up in CH-fragments which oxidate to CHO+-Ions.

This ion flow can be measured and is proportional to the concentration of VOC. The measurement values are displayed on the touchscreen in units of ppm or mgC so that a translation is not necessary.

The measuring gas sample is drawn by an integrated diaphragm pump which is installed in the heated sensor block. A part of the gas is led to the FID the remaining gas is led out via bypass. A pressure control keeps the pressure of the measuring gas constant when the gas is entering the analysis chamber. The parts that are in contact with the measuring gas are heated up to 200° C so that SmartFID can be used in almost every industrial process without condensation problems.

The device comes with a self-control of detector-flame, measuring gas pump, sample-pressure and bias voltage.

FID Analyzer
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