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Air monitoring software comes standard when you purchase an Aeroqual instrument, such as the AQM 65, Dust Sentry or Dust Profiler. Accessed through a custom-built software interface, the software gives you and other trusted users secure access to air quality data in real-time. It also enables engineers to provide remote technical support and servicing. The software is browser based so there’s nothing to install – simply connect your computer, tablet or phone, open your browser and away you go.


Aeroqual Connect is the instrument operating software located on the embedded PC in the instrument. Use Connect to:

  • Communicate directly with your instrument

  • Service the instrument when on site

  • Download data directly to your PC, phone, tablet

Connect is included in the purchase of every air quality system from Aeroqual. Users get a free unlimited license to the software. The software can be updated remotely provided users have enabled Aeroqual Cloud.


Aeroqual Cloud gives you and other trusted users access to all of your instruments via secure third party servers. Use Cloud to:

  • Communicate with your instrument(s) from anywhere at anytime

  • Enjoy advanced charting features (e.g. wind and pollution roses)

  • Get advanced technical support from Aeroqual engineers

There are three versions of Aeroqual Cloud available (see What’s Included). Aeroqual Support is included free of charge; Aeroqual Basic and Aeroqual Plus include extra features that are paid for on a yearly basis.

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