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Gas transmitter - ADOS GTR 210

The ADOS TOX 592 gas sensor is suitable for continuous measurement of a concentration of toxic gas in air, over the range of 0-20 ppm to 0-1000 ppm.

Gases and Measuring Ranges


Measuring Range

Carbon monoxideCO0 - 300 ppm
AmmoniaNH30 - 200 ppm
Nitrogen dioxideNO20 - 30 ppm
Sulphur dioxideSO20 - 50 ppm
Hydrogen sulphideH2S0 - 20 ppm

Technical Data e.g. CO sensor

Measuring principle:Electro-chemical reaction
Measurable substance:Carbon monoxide
Measuring ranges:0-150 ppm, 0-300 ppm, other ranges on request
Zero error:<10 ppm CO
Reading instability:< 3 ppm CO
Accuracy:± 3% of f.s.d.
Zero drift:< 2% per year
Repeatability:< 2% per year
Linearity:< 2% of f.s.d.
Response time (t90):< 60 sec.
Cross sensitivity:

< 2% with integrated filter


two-wire current interface

4-20 mA or LON? four-wire techniques, 

data transmission 78 kbps

Supply voltage:

15V - 30V

dependent on maximum load 

100 - 500 ohm

Ambient temperature:-10 °C to 40 °C, with sensor temperature compensation
Humidity range:10 - 99%, non-condensing
Serviceable life of cell:approx. 2 years
Protection class:IP 30
Sensor dimensions:diameter 80 mm, height 80 mm
Weight:600 g
Test certificate:To german standards, according to VDI 2053 in conjunction with ADOS Multitronik 592
Reaction at the anode:CO H2O ? CO2 2H 2e- 
Reaction at the cathode:? O2 2H 2e- ?H2O

  • In garages for measuring, control and warning, in conjunction with the ADOS Multitronik 592 tested to VDI 2053 standards

  • For monitoring at working places, to control the maximum concentration value e.g. in laboratories or motor test stands

  • In private and collective shelters for monitoring the external or internal air

Gas transmitter
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