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Gas transmitter - ADOS GTR 210

The ADOS TOX 592 gas sensor is suitable for continuous measurement of a concentration of toxic gas in air, over the range of 0-20 ppm to 0-1000 ppm.

Function Example, CO-sensor

The ADOS 592 CO gas sensor uses a method of measurement where the air to be measured is diffused in a chemical measuring cell.

The (H+)-ions and the electrons released, are consumed at the electrode in a cathode reaction.

The flow of current between anode and cathode, generated by this process, is directly proportional to the CO-concentration in the measured air.

The sensor current is amplified and applied via a 4-20 mA interface or via the LON? field-bus to an evaluation unit, e.g. ADOS Multitronik 592, where the measured variable is processed and indicated in ppm CO, together with any control and warning functions which may be necessary.

  • In garages for measuring, control and warning, in conjunction with the ADOS Multitronik 592 tested to VDI 2053 standards

  • For monitoring at working places, to control the maximum concentration value e.g. in laboratories or motor test stands

  • In private and collective shelters for monitoring the external or internal air

Gases and Measuring Ranges


Measuring Range

Carbon monoxideCO0 - 300 ppm
AmmoniaNH30 - 200 ppm
Nitrogen dioxideNO20 - 30 ppm
Sulphur dioxideSO20 - 50 ppm
Hydrogen sulphideH2S0 - 20 ppm

Technical Data e.g. CO sensor

Measuring principle:Electro-chemical reaction
Measurable substance:Carbon monoxide
Measuring ranges:0-150 ppm, 0-300 ppm, other ranges on request
Zero error:<10 ppm CO
Reading instability:< 3 ppm CO
Accuracy:± 3% of f.s.d.
Zero drift:< 2% per year
Repeatability:< 2% per year
Linearity:< 2% of f.s.d.
Response time (t90):< 60 sec.
Cross sensitivity:

< 2% with integrated filter


two-wire current interface

4-20 mA or LON? four-wire techniques, 

data transmission 78 kbps

Supply voltage:

15V - 30V

dependent on maximum load 

100 - 500 ohm

Ambient temperature:-10 °C to 40 °C, with sensor temperature compensation
Humidity range:10 - 99%, non-condensing
Serviceable life of cell:approx. 2 years
Protection class:IP 30
Sensor dimensions:diameter 80 mm, height 80 mm
Weight:600 g
Test certificate:To german standards, according to VDI 2053 in conjunction with ADOS Multitronik 592
Reaction at the anode:CO H2O ? CO2 2H 2e- 
Reaction at the cathode:? O2 2H 2e- ?H2O

Gas transmitter
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