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Portable Combustion Analyzer C500

The design of the handheld combustion analyser "CHEMIST 500" is clean and ergonomic with an extremely clear and user-friendly keypad. "CHEMIST 500" immediately suggests just how even the most sophisticated engineering can give life to an incredibly comfortable and easy to use work instrument.

Devised to analyse flue gases, monitor the pollutants emitted and measure environmental parameters,

"CHEMIST 500" uses two electrochemical cells that provide the oxygen and carbon monoxide values while a third cell is used to measure the pollutants NO and NOx. The most complete version can house a fourth sensor for measuring NO2, SO2 and CxHy. CO,NO,NO2 and SO2 measuring sensors are also available with a reduced measuring range, with a resolution of 0.1 ppm and better accuracy.

Main features:

? Compliant with EN 50379-1 and EN 50379-2

? Up to 4 measurement cells: O2, CO/H2, NO, NO2 and SO2

? CO measurement cell with 1 ppm resolution and built in NOX/SOX filter

? Precalibrated gas sensors, field replaceable

? Flue gas and outdoor air temperature measurement

? Draft and differential pressure measurement

? Boiler efficiency calculation

? Automatic detection of condensing boiler with efficiency calculation

? CO2, heat stack loss, excess air calculation

? Ambient CO measurement

? Gas pipe tightness test

? High accuracy (± 0.5 Pa) and resolution (0.1 Pa) draft measurement with external accessory

? 3 consecutive analysis with average calculation and result printout

? Thermal printer with paper load open/close type and no paper sensor

? Internal memory for 900 analysis

? Big colour (54 x 96 mm) graphic TFT backlit with zoom feature

? Rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries

? Battery charger type Wall Mount with USB connector type A 5V 2A

? Recharging time: 6 hrs. up to 90%

? Up to 12 hrs. autonomy of continuous operation (no printouts)

? Up to 40 analysis autonomy (with printouts)

? Additional dilution pump for CO cell auto range, measurement up to 50,000 ppm

? Automatic Autozero with sampling probe in the stack

? USB connection type B to connect PC and battery charger

? Bluetooth communication

? Self diagnostic function with alarms on gas sensors end-of-life

? 180, 300, 750 and 1000 mm flue gas sensor probes

? 300 mm flexible flue gas sensors sampling probe

? External condensation trap and dust filter

? 12 preprogrammed fuels, including pellets, wood and biogas

? 32 additional programmable fuels

? 10 different languages preprogrammed

? Neoprene holster

? PC software and video manual on USB pendrive

? User manual and calibration certificate

? Dimensions H323 x W100 x D68 mm, weight 950 g.

  • Boiler plant

  • Environment monitoring

  • Power plant

  • Cement plant

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